The Dawn of a
New Way to Think
About Work

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“Red Sky at night,
sailor's delight.
Red Sky in the morning,
sailor take warning.


For centuries, when mariners awoke to a red sky at first light, they understood that a storm was bearing down upon them.

Red Sky Comms, Inc. represents the dawn of a new way to think about work. We are a next generation transmodern outsourcing solutions provider – one which inherently believes that in a network economy, aligning human capital in emerging markets and infusing it with passion and learning is critical to a company’s growth.

We create highly skilled teams that focus on problem solving. We avoid the myopic, linear, and procedure-based approaches so common in the outsourcing industry. Our methodology is proven to create highly skilled individuals that can look beyond the worker bee mentality.

We take outsourcing to the next level by hiring local talent and training them to think creatively and strategically at an international level. That’s what sets us apart.


Are you a leader in the making? Do you have an open mind? Are you hungry
to succeed? We offer positions to individuals who can perform and believe
they have the capability to stand out.

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Breed Leaders Who Create Leaders

Adamant about developing and sharpening individuals to help them reach their highest potential. Red Sky seeks to revolutionize current stereotypes and approaches in the BPO industry. We have built a company to change the status quo and create a new playing field. In order to do so, we want to work with people who are “diamonds in the rough”: committed to self-development and driven for success.

We aim to revolutionize the industry while building a community of leaders and learners. We are a change agent in the BPO industry.

We want people who are committed to self-development and driven to succeed.